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The Roslindale Historical Society


Zoom Presentation: 

"The Walter Street Area

before there was the Arboretum."

Watch the video!

This is a video of George Wardle's Zoom presentation of 1/11/2023.

Watch and and learn why 1712 is sometimes given as the origins of Roslindale,

why there are gravestones on Peters Hill, why some know it as Motleys Hill, and much more!

West Roxbury and Roslindale Residential Suburbs cover.jpg

A Treasure Trove of Roslindale Info from 1904!


We've produced a searchable pdf of a beautiful large-format booklet from 1904 touting the benefits of living in the new suburb of Roslindale! Lots of great photos and biographies of local luminaries. A rabbit hole well worth going down!

You can find it on our new "pdf" page here.

Global Boston: Roslindale

An excellent short history of Roslindale by Marilynn S. Johnson of Boston College, this page also includes links to articles about longtime Roslindale residents Josef Porteleki (Roslindale Hardware), Tasula Macrides, and Tony DeBenedictis (Tony's Market).

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