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Belgrade Avenue at Aldrich Street, 1914
from "Global Boston" website


Belgrade at Aldrich 1914.jpg

This wonderful photo was dated 1899 on the Global Boston website, but the buildings in the photo don't agree with that date.
To the best of our knowledge, the photo is from about 1914 (see maps below).

Update, 3/18/2022: We received an email from Carl Schulz, of Indio California:


"Your photo of building at corner of Belgrade and Aldrich St c 1914

Bottom floor leased to T. McNulty Grocery Store.

Tom and Ruth McNulty were our neighbors on Durnell Av 1930s-60s

Tom sometimes talked of his nephew’s Grocery Store at this location shown in your photo."

Thanks for the info, Carl!

Belgrade at Aldrich 1914 2021.jpg

Here is a map from Atlascope, a great interactive map web site from the Boston Public Library.
It shows that in 1899 there were no buildings on the lot and few houses on Aldrich Street
(the houses are the darker shapes on the lots) :

Belgrade at Aldrich map 1899.jpeg

In 1905, the building is still not on the map yet, though many of the houses are.

Belgrade Ave. has also been widened; those who lived on the south side of the street lost their front yards:

Belgrade at Aldrich map 1905.jpeg

By 1914, the building appears on the City's maps, along with the houses that can be seen in the original photograph:

Belgrade at Aldrich map 1914.jpeg

If we take it for granted that a building would not be shown until it was actually constructed,

the building was constructed sometime between 1905 and 1914.

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