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Belgrade Avenue at Aldrich Street, 1931
("C.D. Shaw Real Estate, 212 Belgrade Ave.")
John Booras Collection of Glass Plate Negatives
from the Historic New England website

Belgrade at Aldrich 1931.jpg
Belgrade at Aldrich 1931 2021.jpg

The building on the far corner of Aldrich Street is for sale as of 2021. It has been abandoned on the bottom floor since the early sixties,
and the second-floor apartment has been abandoned since the eighties. It will probably be torn down if purchased.
The building on the near corner of Aldrich Street is also for sale as of 2021.

Belgrade at Aldrich 1931 detail.jpeg

An enlarged detail from the same photograph.
This is an extremely high-quality photograph from a glass negative. The detail is stunning!
If you visit the linked website above, you can zoom in on the picture enough

to actually read the labels on the items in the shop windows.

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