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paul j. sally jr.

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Paul Joseph Sally, Jr.  (January 29, 1933 – December 30, 2013) was born in Roslindale.  He was a star basketball player at Boston College High School and received his BS and MS degrees from Boston College in 1954 and 1956. After a short career in Boston area high schools and at Boston College, he entered the first class of mathematics graduate students at Brandeis in 1957 and earned his PhD in 1965. Sally joined the University of Chicago faculty in 1965 where he was a professor of mathematics at the University of Chicago, where he was the Director of Undergraduate Studies for 30 years.  His research areas were p-adic analysis and representation theory. Mr. Sally created several programs to improve the preparation of school mathematics teachers, and was seen by many as "a legendary math professor at the University of Chicago”. He founded Seminars for Elementary Specialists and Mathematics Educators (SESAME) in 1992.  He co-founded the Young Scholars Program with Dr. Diane Herrmann in 1988, providing mathematical enrichment for gifted Chicago-area students in grades 7–12.  Sally was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes in 1948.  He wore an eye patch and had two prosthetic legs, which caused him to be widely referred to as "Professor Pirate," and "The Math Pirate" around the University of Chicago campus.  He was known to detest cell phones in class and has destroyed several over the years by inviting students to stomp on them or by throwing them out of a window. Sally died December 30, 2013, aged 80, from congestive heart failure.