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by Cathy Slade
updated March 7, 2021


Kiddieland was a clothing store for children, which was originally located on Corinth Street next to the Blue Star Restaurant or many years. The store sold high quality clothing, and it was a great place to pick up a gift and have it wrapped to present to a newborn, toddler or youth for special occasions.


Kiddieland eventually moved from Corinth to South Street in Roslindale Village across from the current exit of the Village Market parking lot. After operating there for a while, the store transitioned to selling school uniforms, first to Catholic Schools, then to Public Schools and Charter Schools when it became a requirement. They also sold medical personnel uniforms. The store became very successful with this venture.


When the owner, Joe Beck decided to retire he sold the business. Today Kiddieland operates in a small brick building with no storefront on the corner of Corey Street in West Roxbury across from the Corey Street MBTA Commuter Rail Stop.


Joe Beck sold the building where Kiddieland originally was and a national pet supply chain opened there. Roslindale residents and merchants opposed locating chain stores in the Village. Roslindale Village Main Street's mission was to focus on attracting small, locally owned shops.


Adding to the desire to support small locally-owned businesses, many people supported the popular Pet Cabaret at the corner of Washington Street and Metropolitan Avenue.


The national pet chain store received the required city permits and operated for a short time, but soon left as it did not attract the number of customers to make a profit.

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