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Living In Sacred Heart Parish
by Cathy Slade
updated June 18, 2021


When I was young, my whole world revolved around Sacred Heart School and Parish. Just about everyone I knew was Catholic and all of the activities I participated in were organized and conducted by the parish.


The activities were softball, basketball, band, drill team, color guard, and orchestra, scouting for boys and girls and the Catholic Youth Organization (C.Y.O.). There were dances throughout the year for teens. (Who remember the Techniques?)


Every year, adults and children would conduct a Christmas Bazaar, with all kinds of items to be used for gifts. Of course there were numerous articles made by the students that were sold. Also, this was the time and place that young students would buy gifts for the parents. (I bet many parents were gifted with jewelry, jewelry boxes, statuettes, framed pictures, nail polish, knitted hats, scarves and mittens, perfume and men’s cologne.)


For the adults, there were monthly dances, weekly Bingo, a monthly Men’s Society breakfast and speaker series, field trips, women’s bowling league, and more.


One event that was always fantastic and very well attended that was open to all in Roslindale and beyond was the Annual Festival. It occurred late in the school year for four or five days, and required extensive planning and tons of adult volunteers. There were the typical carnival rides, game booths, a gambling booth, cotton candy and all types of food you would find at a professional carnival. Also, the kitchen was utilized for more substantial foods, made by a cadre of parent chefs.


I remember that on the last evening of the festival, adult volunteers would gather for a celebration party. There was food, libations, music and a resounding sing-a-long around the piano. I truly enjoyed the party that I attended one year, and have never forgotten how much fun we had the camaraderie we shared.

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