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The Rialto Barber Shop
by Cathy Slade
updated March 6, 2021

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Rialto Barber Shop, located at 777 South Street is the longest running business in Roslindale in its original location! Originally a residence in the 1800’s, the homeowner, Carmine Musto renovated in the year 1919 and bumped out the front of his house to put in 3 storefronts up to the sidewalk. The architect and builder, Harold and Richard Duffie lived at 41 Colberg Avenue in Roslindale. For a short time, The Roslindale Public Market occupied the space, but soon after Rialto moved and made the shop a 100-year-old business!


While digging through Rossie Square's history, I found it very interesting to read about Taft’s Tavern, the school and the Inn that once stood in the center of Adam's Park. In the year 1919, the Inn had a fire on the top floor where at that time, the structure had to be torn down.


I was so happy to share this unveiling of our history with Rialto customers and friends. The Rialto Barber Shop, its customers and past generations from Roslindale have held us strong as a community that will continue through the years!

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