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The old Roslindale Square Firehouse

Until the early 1960s, the Roslindale Firehouse was located at the corner of Washington and Poplar Streets where the current Roslindale Branch Library resides.

Chemical Engine Company 4 (West Roxbury) was organized in 1875 and housed in a wooden frame building on the site:

Chemical Engine Co 4.jpg

In 1887, Chemical Engine Company 4 was the first company on the scene of the Bussey Street Bridge Collapse.

The brick firehouse was opened August 24, 1888 when Chemical Engine Company 4 (Roslindale)

moved in from its old quarters on the same property.

On June 11, 1959 the firehouse was closed and Engine-Squad 45 and Ladder 16

moved to a new firehouse, along with Engine 53, at 945 Canterbury Street.

This photo shows the now-unused Firehouse shortly before demolition.

The Roslindale Branch Library opened at this site in 1961.

Thanks to the Boston Fire Historical Society for the information presented on this page.

On October 12, 1888, a new company, Ladder Company 16, was organized here.

On March 10, 1892 Combination Wagon 1 (Roslindale) was organized and Chemical Company 4 was disbanded.

On September 17, 1894 Combination 1 was disbanded and Engine Company 45 was organized in its place.

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